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Rushmore Cave

    The guided walking tour of Rushmore Cave is a fun way to learn about beautiful formations, including stalactites, stalagmites, flowstone and more found beneath the surface of the Black Hills.  An expert guide will lead you on a journey through local history, Rushmore Cave geology and the often untold stories that reveal the hidden world that lies beneath us. It’s a total must-do attraction for anyone visiting the Black Hills of South Dakota.

    Back above ground, be sure to experience the other memorable attractions at Rush Mountain Adventure Park, including the Rushmore Mountain Coaster, the Wingwalker Challenge / Ropes Course, and the Soaring Eagle Zipline.

    Rushmore Cave, the original attraction at Rush Mountain Adventure Park is located 5 miles East of Keystone on Highway 40.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    First thing in the morning!  The crowds are lightest then and you will have plenty of time to get everything in!

    The 24 hour wristband with cave tour is a favorite with guests. The ride wristband allows you unlimited rides on the attractions (coaster, zip-ride, 7D interactive/movie ride, and 3 level challenge course). This wristband is unique in that it is active for 24 hours. (If you arrive and activate your wristband at 4pm, for example, it is good until 4pm the following day. You can ride until closing time and then come back in the morning at opening, and ride until 4pm (or 24 hours from the time of activation).

    On South Dakota Hwy 40, between Hermosa and Keystone, SD.  Rush Mountain Adventure Park is a bit off the beaten path, approximately 5 miles down Hwy 40 from Keystone’s only stoplight.  It’s a beautiful drive and definitely worth making the trip! Here’s a map!

    You can easily spend 2-3 hours or more at Rush Mountain!  The guided cave tour lasts approximately 1 hour.  Allow extra time to take in the attractions and rides. The amount of time needed will depend on how many times you want to ride and the number of other guests on the property!

    Yes!  Let’s just say it’s a good idea to bring your FitBit to track your steps.  Part of the draw of Rush Mountain Adventure Park is all the outdoor options, with fun on every level!  That being said, the attractions are built on the side of a hill/mountain so there are steep inclines and a lot of stairs to get from one attraction to the next.  Inside Rushmore Cave there is also uneven ground, stooping for a low ceiling, and several sets of stairs, but the tour guides take an easy pace with frequent stops to explain formations.

    Wear good walking shoes (closed-toe shoes with a good sole are best), and bring a light jacket for the cave tour.  You are welcome to bring a camera for photos if you’d like but we also offer personalized photos for purchase.  We do NOT have lockers or a place to store personal items, so you will want to leave bags/purses/backpacks locked securely in your vehicle, as these items are not allowed in the cave, on the mountain coaster or zip ride for safety reasons.  If you plan to bring children under the age of 3, you may want to leave the stroller in the car and bring the carry pack instead. (A front child carry pack is recommended for the cave tour.)

    During the summer season, Sparky’s Snackitorium is open with food, drinks, and snacks to re-fuel your family. In addition, there are deli sandwiches and refreshments available from a food truck near the Wingwalker Challenge Course. The gift shops also offer drinks and snacks.

    To ride as a passenger on the Mountain Coaster a child must be 3 years old AND 38 inches tall. This is so that the seat belts will fit appropriately and keep all riders safe. On the Soaring Eagle Zipline Ride and Gunslinger 7D Interactive Dark Ride, a child must be 42” tall to ride. The Sky Tykes Challenge Course is perfect for even the smallest adventurers. Children must be under 48″ tall and able to fit into our tiny harnesses.  Children of any age and height can participate in the Rushmore Cave tour. (The Lil’ Tykes option is for children that are under 5 and between 38″ tall and 42″ tall.)

    Friends, co-workers, and even grandparents and grandchildren can ride on an attraction together, laugh out loud and build lasting bonds. The rides are thrilling enough for adventure seekers, but still reachable for the faint of heart.  All these offerings are surrounded by beautiful Black Hills scenery with plenty of photo opportunities. Plus, when guests embark on a guided cave tour, there are all kinds of educational tidbits about cave formations such as stalactites and flowstone, and the “Big Room” in the cave is truly an awe-inspiring place to see. It’s education and fun all wrapped into one location!

    It is worth the drive!  Rush Mountain Adventure Park is on Highway 40 between Keystone and Hermosa.  It is typically not a place you would happen to drive by, but it should be a planned destination.  Often, the feedback we receive from guests is how utterly amazed they are at the quality and uniqueness of the park’s attractions.  Many people compare the attractions to similar ones offered at larger theme parks in other parts of the country and are overjoyed that they found it right here in the Black Hills.

    The shoulder seasons are a great time to visit!  Rush Mountain is generally open on weekends in March & April, and nearly every day in September & October!  In the month of August, during the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is another really great time to stop by!  For the most up to date information on our hours visit the Hours Page.

    Please note!

    Keystone, SD enjoys its peak season from May to October. To ensure businesses are open when visiting during other months, kindly call ahead.

    Thank you!