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Black Hills Glass Blowers


    Enjoy a memorable, day-long adventure through the Black Hills with our experienced and knowledgeable guides!

    Planning to see Mt. Rushmore? Nearby, Black Hills Glass Blowers is nestled in a lovely area of Keystone. The studio is open daily May through Sept. October through April the studio is open part-time, hours vary, call ahead.

    At the studio, Pete Hopkins & Gail Damin create art glass by using blowpipes to gather molten glass from a 2000 degree furnace.

    The hot glass is blown and tooled to create vases, bowls, goblets, and paperweights in an array of form and color. They also create lamp-work figurines, animals, flowers, and ornaments by using a torch to melt glass rods and tubes.

    Glassblowing is an ancient art practiced for nearly three thousand years. Although the tools and equipment have evolved over time, the technique is basically unchanged. The formula for different types of glass is many and varied. However, the basic ingredients remain the same. In today’s rapidly ever-changing world it is magical to reach back in time and apply this knowledge in the present day.

    Visitors can often see the blowing process or lamp-working technique. On location, a beautiful selection of art glass and figurines is displayed for your shopping pleasure. Glass blowing times vary.

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    "The Above and Beyond Bargain Tour"

    Our daily tour begins at Mount Rushmore!  We drop you off at the front steps to this magnificent National Memorial, so you can wander for over an hour under the spectacular 60-foot high granite faces and tour the Visitor Center with theatres and museums.

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    Our nation’s Shrine of Democracy.