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Travel Itineraries


Thrill-Seeker Travel Itinerary

Thrill-seeking is as Keystone as it gets. We were founded by prospectors and miners who braved dangerous mine shafts in search of untold riches. Our town was revived by men and women who were bold enough to blast Mount Rushmore into being. Today, you and your family can find fun and thrills around every corner!

Black Hills Helicopters

Start your day off with a birds-eye view of Keystone and the Black Hills on a helicopter tour. Soar above the treetops and get up close and personal with the presidents on Mount Rushmore—there’s no better way to kick off a day full of excitement! Bonus: air is usually smoother in the morning, so even those with sensitive stomachs will be able to enjoy the ride.

Big Thunder Gold Mine and Big Thunder Family Bar & Grill

Once you’re done soaring above the ground, take a trip underneath it. At Big Thunder Gold Mine you can see a replica of the mines Keystone was built on, and then try your hand at gold panning. You might strike it rich — and you might not — but either way you’ll experience the thrill of the chase! When you’re done, you can eat lunch on site; perhaps whoever finds the most gold should treat the rest of the family!

Rush Mountain Adventure Park

You spent the morning flying over the trees; head over to Rush Mountain Adventure Park to zip through them! Hop on their mountain coaster, which relies solely on forces of gravity to whip you around tight pigtail turns at speeds up to 30 mph! The unique individually controlled carts carry one or two passengers and let you decide if you want to rip down the mountain or slow down and enjoy the scenery. Add on their soaring eagle zipline, wingwalker course, and the Gunslinger 7-D ride for a jam-packed day of excitement!

Ghost Canyon Ranch

After a long day full of adrenaline, head out to Ghost Canyon Ranch to relax and share highlights from your day. Enjoy their cozy cabins and outdoor guest space, complete with lawn games and fire pit. Most importantly, they’ll help you unwind after a busy day and make sure you get the rest you need to seek more adventure the next day.