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Art Lover's Sojourn

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in art while on vacation, Keystone is the perfect place. The Black Hills have been an inspiration to artists of all crafts and specialties for hundreds of years, and today we have several establishments in town that continue the tradition. 

Black Hills Glass Blowers

For a truly engaging experience, head over to Black Hills Glass Blowers. Owners Pete Hopkins and Gail Damin not only create unique pieces daily, they bring guests into their studio for a hands-on glimpse of their craft. Glass blowing is an ancient artform that has adapted to new technologies while staying true to its roots. Watch as Pete and Gail blow, swing, and shape hot molten glass into delicate art.

The Indians

Established in 1950, The Indians has been a downtown staple for generations. The business is owned and operated by the same family for 40 years now, and their attention to craftsmanship and detail makes their store unique. As a member of the Indian Arts & Crafts Association you’ll be guaranteed to find authentic work from local artisans. They frequently add new items and artists so their collection is always fresh.

Dahl's Chainsaw Art

A little more rugged, but no less impressive form of art awaits you downtown. Stop by Dahl’s Chainsaw Art and watch as they take blade to wood, revealing art in a flurry of sawdust. See art in action, and take home your own carving for perhaps the most unique souvenir you’ll find on your trip.

Gold Diggers

The Black Hills were founded by prospectors looking for gold, and so it’s only fitting that we have our own unique design of gold jewelry. Henri LeBeau, a Frenchman who came to the Black Hills in the gold rush, was the original designer of Black Hills Gold. Legend has it that he was lost in the woods, where he eventually fell asleep and dreamt of brooks and vineyards in France. Upon his return to town he gave up prospecting in favor of jewelry making. Today, Black Hills Gold is known for its distinctive grape and leaf design with green and rose colored accents inspired by LeBeau’s dream.

Fort Hays Chuckwagon

Round out your art tour with dinner and a show by heading over to Ft. Hays. Start with the film set from 1990’s “Dances With Wolves,” where you can see actual set pieces and props from the movie. After that, stick around for the Chuckwagon Supper and Variety Show. You’ll eat your dinner with sparse utensils and watch a variety show guaranteed to make you laugh and feel like part of the Old West.

Please note!

Keystone, SD enjoys its peak season from May to September. To ensure businesses are open when visiting during other months, kindly call ahead.

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