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The Haunting Of Keystone By Holy Terror Days Association

haunting of keystone
It’s baaaaack! The Keystone Holy Terror Days Association is proud to present the 8th Annual Haunting of Keystone. You’ve heard of haunted houses, but how about a haunted town? This year, the community of Keystone boasts FOUR haunted attractions:
1800’s Schoolhouse Museum | Theme: “Phobia”
Big Thunder Gold Mine | Theme: “Torture”
Big Thunder Forest | Theme: “Panic”
Rushmore Cave @ Rush Mountain | Theme: “Cavernous”
If you went last year, you’ll want to go again. If you didn’t, you don’t know what you’re missing! So grab your friends and family and come see our haunts!
Did I mention several of the attractions are ghost hunter certified to truly be haunted? Some haunted houses create their ghosts… we awaken ours.

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