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Shop With the Best at Gold Diggers

    Much like champagne comes from a specific region in France, and bourbon can only be made in the United States, authentic Black Hills Gold has to be made right here in the hills. The unique jewelry harkens back to the 1874 gold rush, and has become an iconic staple of Black Hills culture.

    Henri LeBeau came to the hills like many others seeking gold. When things didn’t go as he’d planned, he tried his luck in making jewelry. He made his first piece of jewelry in Deadwood in 1878 and crafted it after a vision he had of babbling brooks and vineyards in his native France. Along with his apprentice, S. T. Butler, LeBeau created the iconic tri-color grape cluster and leaf motif.  

    Today, only jewelers who are in the Black Hills may call their creations Black Hills Jewelry. Gold Diggers is one of only two such companies still creating this timeless style. Their roots go back to 1922, and they have maintained the highest standard of innovation and design ever since. Each piece is made by hand and goes through a painstaking 40-step process from start to finish. Gold Diggers backs their jewelry with a lifetime guarantee against defects, and will happily repair or replace any piece that doesn’t exceed their customers’ expectations. 

    When you visit Gold Diggers’ outlet here in Keystone, you get the best of high quality craftsmanship and affordable prices. Their store is conveniently located downtown amid all the action. From perfectly balanced earrings to bracelets and rings, they’re sure to have a piece that completes your favorite outfit. They also carry a wide selection of chains in varying styles and lengths to coordinate with all of their pendants. When you shop at Gold Diggers, you also know you’ll be treated to the friendly customer service we’re known for in Keystone. From a memorable souvenir to a gift for a special occasion, Gold Diggers will make sure you find the perfect piece.