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Quench Your Thirst at Wild West Soda

    When your family is busy exploring Keystone, one thing’s for sure: you’ll work up a thirst. Luckily Wild West Soda has a collection of tasty beverages that will wet your whistle and get you back to making memories. 

    You can get a soda anywhere, but what you can’t find anywhere else is soda made from the finest ingredients right here in the home of Mount Rushmore. You can get a traditional treat like cream soda, or try one of their own creations like the Muddy Creek chocolate soda. Wild West Soda also has their own menu of mixed drinks (non-alcoholic, of course). Give their Rattlesnake a try; it’s a fun combination of sarsaparilla, black cherry, and cream soda. You can even decide whether you’re a sarsaparilla or root beer person — if you didn’t know, they are in fact different flavors. 

    If you need a snack with your refreshing beverage, you’re in luck! Wild West Soda makes delectable popcorn and roasted nuts. Their offerings vary, but you might find flavors like honey and sea-salt cashews or cheddar and chipotle pecans. The best part? If you fall in love with their snacks they can make a big batch for your next special event or family gathering. You just have to ask!

    Beyond fresh ingredients and creative flavors, Wild West Soda goes above and beyond to provide a family friendly experience. When you find their booth on the Keystone boardwalk, you won’t find a boring vending machine or run-of-the-mill soda counter. Instead, they’ll pour you a soda straight out of a covered wagon or a fun recreation of a Wild West saloon you’d expect to find in Keystone 100 years ago. You’ll also get to swig your soda out of their Wild West-inspired silver mugs. Once your soda is gone the memories will remain, and your family can clink your pewter together like cowboys even when you’ve left Keystone. 

    Keystone is the perfect place to base your family vacation, and with businesses like Wild West Soda on the boardwalk, it’s no wonder why. Come see us for thrills, history, and amazing local business that will make you never want to leave.