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Open-Top-Tours has you (un)Covered!

    When’s the last time you had to plan extra time into your tour in case a buffalo herd blocked the road? That’s not a problem in most places, but then there’s nowhere else quite like the Black Hills.

    Many people have Mount Rushmore on their bucket list. Once they get to the hills, however, we often hear them say “I had no idea there was so much to do!” While nothing can quite compare to seeing Mount Rushmore in person for the first time, the surrounding Black Hills really are a treasure trove waiting to be explored. 

    Deciding what to do while you’re here can be a daunting task, and not everyone is prepared to curate their own itinerary. Don’t fret! Black Hills Open-Top-Tours is here to make sure your vacation is as monumental as your expectations. With a fleet of Jeeps and open-top converted vans, they are prepared to take you and your group on a curated tour–or request a private tour with your own list of destinations! They are happy to both accommodate requests and suggest itineraries.

    While you’re basing your vacation out of Keystone, Open-Air-Tours has two great pre-made tours setup that will pick you up right here in town. The first will take you to Mount Rushmore, but also through Custer State Park to see buffalo, up Iron Mountain Road and Needles Highway through one-way mountain tunnels, and pristine Sylvan Lake. They promise a leisurely pace, never rushing you through photo-ops or enjoying the scenery as long as you want, and therefore ask that you plan around nine hours—but this depends on how many buffalo you encounter, as they do tend to cause traffic jams. 

    Perhaps you have a little less time, or maybe you’re driving an RV and want to see the Keystone area without scraping paint on those tricky mountain tunnels? Open-Top-Tours has you (un)covered! Their “RVs Can’t Go There” tour will take you and your family through Needles Highway, Iron Mountain Road, and Sylvan Lake on a three hour loop. 

    No matter what brings you to the Black Hills, Keystone is a great place to base your adventures out of, and Open-Top-Tours will make sure they’re monumental!