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Nelson’s Oil and Gas Keep You Comfortable

    There’s a ton of fun to be had here in Keystone, and we make every effort to ensure your family makes the most of their time here. We’re home to some of the Black Hills’ top attractions, restaurants, parks, memorials, and more. What most of our visitors don’t see are the local businesses that operate behind the scenes. One of those is Nelson’s Oil & Gas, who keeps homes and businesses running smoothly. 

    Nelson’s Oil & Gas was founded in 1962 by Jack and Virginia Nelson. Through the years, they expanded the company to include several locations in South Dakota and Wyoming, including convenience stores. The company is now run by their sons, Rich and Brian Nelson, and deals exclusively with bulk fuels, propane, and HVAC systems. 

    While it’s unlikely you’ll need to call Nelson’s Oil & Gas during your stay in Keystone, you’ll feel the results of their top-notch customer service all over town. Whether it’s ice-cold air conditioning greeting you after a hot summer day or firing up a propane grill at your campsite, it’s possible Nelson’s Oil & Gas had a hand in maintaining it. 

    Nelson’s Oil & Gas have been in business for decades, but more importantly, they’re a part of our Black Hills community. They sponsor local youth sports teams, festivals, community events, and more. 

    Keystone is the perfect place to base your Black Hills vacation because of our convenient location and incredible amenities. When you’re here, our local businesses will make sure your visit is monumental from start to finish. Nelson’s Oil & Gas is just one piece of the puzzle, but we’re thankful for all their help keeping Keystone running smoothly.