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More Than Reptiles at the Dinosaur Museum

    It’s just a short drive down the road from Keystone, but the Dinosaur Museum in Rapid City will take you on a journey far into the past.  

    The Dinosaur Museum has 98 reptiles from over 60 different species housed in more than 13,000 square feet of space. They’re presented either as a skeleton or as true-to-life models. The sheer size of some of the dinosaurs will wow your entire family, not to mention how much information you’ll learn about them. Each display has a plaque with details about the dinosaur, including their habitat, lifespan, and eating habits. 

    You can also enjoy a short educational video in the movie theater that dives deeper into the history and life cycle of dinosaurs. For a little hands-on fun, be sure to check out the fossil digs. Your family can dig through sand in search of prized dinosaur fossils, just like real-life archaeologists! They also recently added an exhibit where you can touch an authentic dinosaur leg bone, with plans to add more interactive displays and learning opportunities in the future.

    The Dinosaur Museum is also home to fun that isn’t about dinosaurs, so family members who aren’t reptile fanatics will still find something memorable to partake in. You can explore their indoor mirror maze, where optical illusions and tricky dead ends will keep you guessing! When the weather is nice, head outside to get some sun and enjoy 18 holes of miniature golf. The best part is, they include everything in your entry ticket price, so you don’t have to worry about kids asking for something that costs extra. 

    Before you leave, make sure you check out the gift shop. You’ll find t-shirts and memorabilia to remember the museum, and you can take home a stuffed version of your family’s new favorite dinosaur.

    When you visit Keystone, you’ll find plenty of family fun to fill an entire monumental vacation. The Dinosaur Museum is just minutes away from downtown Keystone on Highway 16, and it promises to be an educational but thrilling experience for the entire family!