Stables at Palmer Gulch Chuckwagon

The Only SURE ENOUGH Chuckwagon Show in the Black Hills

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About Stables at Palmer Gulch Chuckwagon

Stables at Palmer Gulch Chuckwagon

This open-air show takes place in a remote mountain meadow. You’ll choose to ride to the show on a good saddle horse or on a real horse-drawn covered wagon. You’ll enjoy a real cowboy music show performed by local waddies and ranchers.

Watch a real dough-boxer grill Dakota grown beef steaks over an aspen-wood campfire and taste dutch oven side dishes prepared right of the chuck-box. This is Real Western Family Fun under a big South Dakota sky!

Dinner Menu

  • Steak- Locally grown ball tip sirloin beef steak, hot dogs available for the kids if they desire.
  • Sides- Clayton’s secret recipe slow-cooked baked beans. Dutch oven sides include fresh sliced fire-fried potatoes with bacon, onion, bell peppers and seasonings.
  • Dessert- Dutch-Oven peach or pear cobbler
  • Beverages-  Boiled coffee, ice tea, or lemonade

This shindig has real value, is memorable, and will be enjoyed by everyone in your outfit.

Stables at Palmer Gulch Chuckwagon Gallery