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About Rushmore Borglum Story

Rushmore Borglum Story

Venture into the world of Gutzon Borglum, the sculptor of Mount Rushmore, from the blasting of the stone to the grandeur of the "Seated Lincoln."

On the tour, you will meet the artist, his family and the famous people who were his friends. Step back in time as our exclusive film takes you and Borglum to the top of the monument on the cable car. Discover what motivated Gutzon Borglum and why he began at age 60 what men half his age wouldn't attempt.

In order to fully appreciate and understand the significance of Mt. Rushmore, one must first visit the Rushmore Borglum Story.  Enter and explore the world of Gutzon Borglum, a man of many accomplishments, and talents.  Discover his art, the man, his family and family, and friends on a self-guided tour.  This exhibition allows visitors to set their own pace.  A crowd favorite, especially with children, is the exact replica of Lincoln's granite eye on Mt. Rushmore.

To understand the significance of Mt. Rushmore, you must first visit the Rushmore Borglum Story. You will be amazed that Gutzon Borglum excelled in so many fields.

Gutzon Borglum was an American artist and sculptor famous for creating Mt. Rushmore, a carving on Stone Mountain near Atlanta and much more.

He was born in 1867 in St. Charles, Idaho. He graduated from Harvard Technical College.

In 1908, Borglum won a competition for a statue of the Civil War General Philip Sheridan to be placed in Sheridan Circle in Washington, D.C. At the unveiling of this sculpture, President Theodore Roosevelt declared that it was "first-rate".

Borglum sculpted numerous statues and pieces that are located all over the world. Stop into the Rushmore Borglum Story to find out more information on all of them!

Your tour includes:

  • Displays with a personal audio device and headset.
  • An exclusive Mt. Rushmore blasting news-reel movie.
  • A gallery filled with stories, mystique, and romance.
  • A staff of Borglum experts to answer all of your questions.