Grizzly Creek Restaurant

Fresh, authentic Americana from the Heart of the Black Hills.

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About Grizzly Creek Restaurant

Grizzly Creek Restaurant

Located at the base of Mt. Rushmore, Grizzly Creek dishes up great food in a fun and relaxed setting.

With our diverse menu, there's something for everyone. While you're deciding, sample one of our many local or regional beers or one of our refreshing house cocktails. This is your time to enjoy friends and family - so relax! And leave the rest to us.

Grizzly Creek Restaurant was developed to be an extension of what people expect when they visit the beautiful Black Hills & Mount Rushmore. From the carefully chosen menu items and fresh ingredients to specialty and regional beers, to an outdoor seating area where people could enjoy the fresh air, we wanted this restaurant to reflect what a trip to the Black Hills represents.

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