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Great Food and Entertainment at the Circle B Chuckwagon

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About Circle B Chuckwagon

Circle B Chuckwagon

A visit to the Circle B Chuckwagon is like stepping back in time.

Guests can enjoy our relaxed western setting, browse in the Wild Horse Gift Shop, sip cold sarsaparilla in the Circle B Stage Stop, or watch the world-class woodcarver, Doug Ladd, shape one of his creations.

The Wild Horse Gift Shop is located in the Circle B western town.

From the moment you walk in, you experience a “taste of the West”. From western décor to western books, from horsehair & reindeer jewelry to locally made pottery and handmade cards, the Wild Horse Gift Shop offers a variety of unique gifts. And of course, there’s the Western Kids Toy Corral, featuring cowboy & cowgirl hats, bandanas and that special rifle or gun for the Circle B nightly gun shootout.

What western experience would be complete without a little gem panning.

At the Circle B panning trough, you can find turquoise, rose quartz, garnets, amethyst, plus other gems. The joke is always “can you find enough to pay for your supper tonight”!

Wax bullet pistol shooting has been a fun activity for the last several years for children as well as adults. Sheriff Dale instructs them how to shoot at targets with an authentic Colt 45. The cost for Wax Bullet Pistol Shooting is $4.

Doug Ladd has been at the Circle B for the past 28 summers. Every summer he and his wife Jo, pack up their RV and travel from Arizona to spend the summer at the Circle B. Doug’s work has been featured at the 2002 Winter Olympics as well as the Circle B. His workshop is full of amazing creations and every year he comes to the Chuckwagon with a new project. He loves showing guests how to carve and stays busy all summer hand-carving buffalos and other animals.

Did you know that the Circle B Chuckwagon has its very own bandit? Every night since 1976, Juan the Biscuit bandit has been stealing biscuits out of the chuckwagon kitchen! And every night Sheriff Dale rounds up a posse of kids to capture this mischief-maker. The kid posse is sworn in to “uphold the laws of South Dakota and the Circle B and go get that biscuit bandit because WE’RE HUNGRY!!” Eventually, there is a showdown between the Sheriff, his posse and the biscuit bandit that has everyone laughing as they file into the Chuckwagon for the supper and cowboy music show.

The Circle B Chuckwagon Suppers and Cowboy Music Show is the only chuckwagon in South Dakota that qualifies to be a member of the Chuckwagons of the West Association, a membership that assures their customers the highest quality in food, music, and western hospitality.

After supper, the Circle B Cowboys entertain their guests with old-time western music and ranch humor.

This will be the Circle B Chuckwagon's 40th consecutive summer of entertaining families in the "Old West" tradition of great food and cowboy music. Make sure it is on your list of activities while you are visiting the Black Hills of South Dakota. It is a truly authentic western experience - a present-day reflection of the early spirit of this frontier land.

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