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Keystone Visitor Information Center is Ready to Help

    Keystone is the perfect place to visit on your next family vacation. We’re centrally located in the Black Hills, which means you can visit all the top attractions while staying in one place. While our website has all the information you need to plan the vacation of a lifetime, did you know that we also have a location you can visit right in the heart of Keystone?

    Many of us use our phones or tablets to give us information no matter where we’re at. But there are times when talking to someone in person can really help you discover hidden gems you never would have known about otherwise. Plus, there are still places throughout the Black Hills where your trusty cell phone won’t have service, and having a map to guide you is invaluable. No matter what you need, the Keystone Visitor Information Center will set you up with information, guides, and even coupons and savings you won’t find anywhere else. 

    If you visit the Keystone Visitor Information Center downtown, our knowledgeable staff will help you find the must-see attractions in Keystone and the Black Hills. Best of all, they’ll tell you what you have to see based on your preferences and interests. Love history? Find the best museums on a range of topics. Want to get your adrenaline pumping? Discover where you can zip through the trees or ride down alpine slides. Fancy yourself a foodie? They’ll tell you the best places to eat and whether you need a reservation. 

    The best part of stopping by the Keystone Visitor Information Center isn’t just the expert advice, but the friendliness of our staff. No matter who you talk to, you’ll feel like you’ve just met your new favorite travel buddy. Our guides love Keystone and are excited to share all the amazing adventures you can find here — so what are you waiting for? 

    The Keystone Visitor Information Center is located downtown by the corner of Winter and Swanzey Streets, right at the corner of the boardwalk in front of the Ramada hotel. The Keystone Visitor Information Center is open from May through September.