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Keystone Carver’s Piece Headed for Ripley’s


    Believe it.

    Keystone’s very own chainsaw artist, Jarrett Dahl, has sold one of his carvings to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

    The piece, a fanciful portrayal that looks like part soaring eagle, part motorcycle, has attracted a lot of attention at its perch in front of Dahl’s Chainsaw Art shop in Keystone. Now it’s going to be attracting a lot more attention at Ripley’s in Orlando, Fla.

    According to a story in the Rapid City Journal, Jarrett created the carving four years ago. He takes it on a flatbed truck to various locations, including Sturgis during the annual motorcycle rally. It was there that a man stopped by, said almost nothing and left with a brochure. A month later, the man called, asked a lot of questions and ended up buying the piece for Ripley’s.

    Ripley’s is the chain of museums scattered across the country featuring everything from the just plain odd to the downright bizarre — the Texas woman with 13-inch fingernails, the two-headed calf, authentic shrunken heads and sculptures so tiny they can fit in the eye of a needle.

    And at the Orlando Ripley’s, you’ll likely see a very cool eagle motorcycle carved from wood.