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Keystone a Favorite Stop for Bikers

    This year’s Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which doesn’t officially begin until Aug. 3, is getting an early start this year. We’re already seeing thousands of early bird bikers throughout the Black Hills. And Keystone has always been a must-see item on the average biker bucket list.

    It could be the open boardwalks and verandas where bikers can sit with a cold drink and watch the ongoing motorcycle parade on Winter Street. It could be the restaurants and shops, or the laid-back attitude of Keystone.

    And of course, the Hills around Keystone offer some of the best ridings anywhere in the world. The Iron Mountain Road, the old Hill City Road, the Needles Highway, the Wildlife Loop Road, and the many pigtail bridges make two-wheeled transport the only way to go. And speaking of that biker bucket list, a photo of you and your bike with Mount Rushmore National Memorial as a backdrop is a must.

    We see bikers from all over the world during the Sturgis Rally, and we love hosting them. The bikers are friendly, generous and intent on having a good vacation. And that’s why we’re here.