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Holy Terror Coffee & Fudge: the Perfect Blend of Savory and Sweet

    Here in Keystone we know great things come from the ground; gold, silver, and tin, for example. But we also have an affinity for another kind of ground: coffee beans. If you need a fresh cup of joe to start your mornings, or enjoy supporting local businesses as part of your vacation, look no further than Holy Terror Coffee & Fudge.

    While it’s a well-known local legend, the story of the naming of Holy Terror Mine still makes us chuckle every time we hear it. When Bill Franklin struck it rich in 1894, he took his friends out for drinks and then went into Rapid City to formally file his mining claim. His buddy told him to name his claim for his wife, so he did. Jennie Franklin was elated — until she found out he’d named it Holy Terror Mine. 

    Today, the name lives on at Holy Terror Coffee & Fudge, where they pride themselves on a casual yet lively taste experience. They roast their coffee in Keystone — as well as their cinnamon sugar almonds, cashews and pecans. Enjoy a cup of their signature Morning Glory Roast, or take a bag of seasonal beans home with you to remember Keystone all year round. They also have a full coffee shop available if you prefer a cappuccino or a latte to start your day. Before you go, check out their selection of mugs. You can snag a sleek white travel mug with their vintage-inspired logo, or grab a delightful rendition of a classic camping coffee cup.

    Coffee is only part of the fun, however. Whether you need an afternoon pick-me-up or a decadent dessert, their fudge is not to be missed. From classic flavors like salted caramel and blondie to creative buffalo trax and cinnamon bun, they’ll have something to tickle your sweet tooth. If you can’t decide — and we wouldn’t be surprised if you can’t — you can put together an assortment of flavors to take with you. Whether or not you choose to share is up to you! 

    Keystone is the perfect place to base your family vacation, and our local businesses, like Holy Terror Coffee & Fudge, are the reason. They’re a brilliant combination of sweetness and a kick in the pants; much like Holy Terror Mine’s original namesake, Jennie Franklin. 

    Please note!

    Keystone, SD enjoys its peak season from May to September. To ensure businesses are open when visiting during other months, kindly call ahead.

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