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Give Back with Black Hills Area Community Foundation

    Keystone is the perfect place to base your family vacation in the Black Hills, and when you stay here, you do more than just make monumental memories together. You support small businesses, including restaurants, coffee shops, museums, amusement parks, and more. Every dollar you spend boosts our local economy and the people and families behind it. If you’re feeling charitable while you’re here, and wondering how to make a difference in the lives of our local community members, check out the Black Hills Area Community Foundation. 

    The Black Hills Area Community Foundation was founded in 2006 by and for the people who live and work in the Black Hills. They work to improve quality of life in the Black Hills through the power of philanthropy through grants and funds. You can find their list of funds here, which includes everything from arts and culture to education, food insecurity, and disaster relief. They also help identify areas of greatest need in our communities and work with nonprofit organizations to help. 

    The foundation also hosts several scholarships that benefit our local high school students as they look to the future. Most scholarships are memorial funds set up by families and vary in their intended use and recipients. Aspiring Black Hills scholars can apply for funds for areas of study such as nursing, engineering, music, technical training, and more. 

    While you’re here in the hills, we welcome you to enjoy everything our community offers.  From all of us that live, work, and play here in Keystone, we hope your time here is all you hoped for and more. If you find room in your heart to support our community members while you’re here, we appreciate your generosity. 

    To learn more about the Black Hills Area Community Foundation, see their Keystone Chamber Listing.