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Find the Perfect Memento at Lasting Impressions

    Our goal in Keystone is to help you make monumental memories that will last a lifetime — or at least until you come back and see us again. When you leave Keystone, you may want a souvenir to remember your trip by. We have many stores and options to choose from, but one offers a unique chance to customize your souvenir: Lasting Impressions Unlimited, Inc. 

    Lasting Impressions Unlimited has been in business for almost two decades now, and in the Black Hills since 2014. They’re a one-stop-shop for personalized awards, promotional items, and gifts. You’ll see their work all over the Black Hills and Keystone — whether you realize it or not — but what you will notice is the high quality of every item they personalize. From photo mugs and leather-wrapped tumblers to cutting boards and holiday ornaments, everything Lasting Impressions Unlimited offers is detailed and unique. 

    One of the most personalized souvenirs you can get on any trip is your personal family photos. Whether you’re smiling in front of Mount Rushmore National Monument or cozy around a campfire, the Black Hills are full of opportunities for the perfect photo. Lasting Impressions Unlimited can take your favorite photos and print them on a metal canvas to turn them into a one-of-a-kind souvenir of your time here. It’s a fun way to create a statement piece you’ll enjoy for years to come while keeping your memories fresh. You can choose from standard print sizes mounted on a background, tiled panoramic prints, or even create a collage. If you want a photo in a larger than standard size, they also offer a custom mounting system to add an extra wow factor. 

    Here in Keystone, we’ll make sure you have the adventure of a lifetime, and if we had our way, you’d stay forever. We know that when you leave, you’ll remember your time here fondly, but we also know have plenty of unique ways to remind you of your trip. Lasting Impressions Unlimited is the perfect place to grab a souvenir from the Black Hills that just might inspire you to come back and see us sooner than later.