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Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup Just a Month Away

    The Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup is an awe-inspiring experience that you will never forget. When some 1,300 bison come galloping across the hillside, it simply takes your breath away. After they are safely corralled, you can walk to the fence and get a close-up look at these magnificent beasts.

    The 2014 Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup is just a month away, set for Friday, Sept. 26. If you have never seen it, we strongly recommend you see it. Also, the roundup starts a weekend celebration in the park that includes an arts festival, live music, interesting displays, and good eating — buffalo meat, of course.

    Details on the roundup are here.

    While you’re in the Hills for the roundup, we invite you to stop in Keystone to see the many local attractions, as well as Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Both are open year-round, and fall is a great time to visit. Keystone and Rushmore are fairly uncrowded, and the cool mountain air inspires you to take a walk in the woods.