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CSP Buffalo Roundup Named American’s Top Event by ABA

    The American Bus Association named the upcoming Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup the top U.S. event for visitors. We couldn’t agree more.

    Custer State Park has a herd of some 1,300 bison. But since the park spans 71,000 acres, the free-roaming bison do what they do best — roam. Visitors can usually spot small groups and fairly large herds lolling around the meadows and open areas of the park.

    But the spectacle of all 1,300 bison pounding over the ridge on a bright autumn day is an experience you will never, ever forget. The sight of the brown mass of bodies moving across the golden grass takes your breath away. The sound of 5,000 hooves pounding the ground is something you feel more than hear.

    And with 14,000 spectators, the Buffalo Roundup has a festival feel to it. In fact, the park hosts an Arts Festival on the following weekend. This year’s roundup and festival are set for Sept. 25-27.