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Candyland, Where Sweet Treats Meet Golfing Feats

    What do decadent chocolates, retro candies, and mini golf have in common? You can find them all at Candyland! 

    Candyland and Sweet Greens is the largest candy store in South Dakota, and it sits just outside Keystone at the intersection of US Highways 16 and 385. Locals refer to the spot as three forks; the three-way intersection is an important waypoint between Black Hills destinations. 

    When you step in the doors to Candyland, you’re greeted by a colorful array of every kind of candy imaginable. Displays hold buckets of jawbreakers, barrels of taffy, and shelves of every chocolate bar you could ever want. If that isn’t enough, they have an entire wall of bulk candies so you can make the perfect combination. You can even dispense M&Ms into a bag to create your own unique mix of colors and flavors. Keep an eye out for their seasonal treats too; past favorites include caramel apples, chocolate-covered strawberries, and marshmallows on a stick with a chocolate coating and festive sprinkles. 

    If you prefer to drink your sugar, check out their great selection of sodas. You’ll find everything from traditional root beer and cream soda to inventive flavors like ranch dressing, pickle juice, and bacon soda. They also have a full coffee bar serving espresso drinks and Italian sodas, with over a dozen syrup flavors to choose from. 

    The perfect sweet-tooth stop wouldn’t be complete without ice cream, and Candyland delivers. Take your pick from rotating soft serve flavors, or grab a shake with your choice of candy mix-ins. Ice cream is the perfect finish to your shopping extravaganza — or a great treat to take outside and test your skills on their mini golf course. The Sweet Greens course has 18 holes and promises endless laughs as your family enjoys their favorite treats and competes for the best score.

    If you have a sweet tooth to satisfy, need a tasty coffee, or want to challenge your family to a game of putt puff, Candyland is the perfect place. Stop in, fuel up, and have fun making monumental memories here in the Black Hills.